Tee Off, Mr. Bean

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Bean goes to the launderette. Firstly, he realises the price of washing has increased, so he is forced to pull out a spare coin from a specially designed envelope in his trousers. A man (Grant Masters) arrives and then he pushes Bean away into the next washing machine. Bean then proceeds to place his laundry (which consists of some shirts, an inflatable toy, a lampshade, Teddy, a welcome mat, oversized fuzzy dice and a few pairs of underpants) into the washing machine.

However, Bean then realises he is wearing underwear he wanted to wash, so he stands behind a partition to change out of them, accidentally getting his trousers mixed up with a lady’s skirt. As Bean walks past the man, this escalates the taunting he receives from the bully. Bean then finds that another pair of underwear has accidentally not been put into the machine, but by this time the machine has already been started, so he simply tries to put them on, but the bully interferes by stepping on them.

So Bean decides to take his revenge on the man by switching the

Mr. Bean Goes to Town


Bean has just bought a portable television for his flat. When he arrives home he finds that he can’t open his car door, as the box is strapped to his car, so he crawls out through the window. He then gets the television out of its box, and it takes him a while to realise that he has it back to front and that the plug needs to be wired (which he mysteriously manages to do by simply screwing the flex in). Once he has successfully powered it up, he finds that he can’t position the aerial to get good reception. When he discovers that he can only get reception if he sits in a part of the room where he cannot see the screen (even if he turns the television to face him), he is distraught. Ingeniously, he strips down, covers up with the TV’s cardboard packaging container, and assembles his clothes — underwear and all — on the chair, and he finally gets a clear picture – just before his pre-paid electricity meter runs out, much to his annoyance.Bean tries out his new Polaroid camera in

Celebrating 25 Years Mr Bean

sep 2015

4th September 2015 – To celebrate 25 years of Mr Bean, Rowan Atkinson will be making a very special appearance in character to mark this mega milestone. #MrBean25

We are recreating the iconic scene from the Live Action TV series where Mr Bean drives his car while sitting in an armchair on the roof, because his car is too full of presents!  The location is a closely guarded secret but we can tell you that the stunt will be taking place at a London location to match Mr Bean’s iconic status.

2015 has so far been a memorable year for Mr Bean with the launch of a new Animated Series in over 70 territories worldwide to great ratings success and an increase in fans on the official Mr Bean Facebook page to 63 million worldwide. New Licensing Agents have been appointed in Asia, Canada and Germany with products launches including Anniversary DVDs, gift ranges, books, greeting cards, apparel and a Solar Dancing Mr Bean!

Back to School Mr. Bean

Unable to park his car, Bean spots a similar-looking Mini (albeit with missing wing mirrors) and substitutes the cars. Then two Army Cadets spot him pushing his car and help him. While they push the car Bean slowly closes the door and runs behind a wall and makes a humorous sound. Then he confuses a troop of Army Cadets, while the commandant is gone for a while, by coughing and causing them to respond by standing in unusual ceremonial stances, and is confronted by the angry commandant when he returns.

He then gets in another man’s (played by Christopher Driscoll) way, messes up a stamp album, distracts and frightens a calligrapher, and gets paper stuck to his body after using a Van de Graaff generator. When a weaving lady takes the offending piece of paper, the static electricity causes her skirt to rise up and cover her upper body, revealing her legs and her white panties. Bean promptly exits the scene while other people try to pull down the skirt.

In the chemistry laboratory, Bean experiments with several chemicals and makes an unstable chemical reaction, eventually causing a violent explosion, with blue smoke emerging from the

Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean

For a weekend, Mr. Bean goes to an amusement park at Southsea, Portsmouth, but has difficulty finding it, especially after some people at the beach give him contradicting directions, but is eventually successful in locating the amusement park. However, he accidentally leaves his Mini’s boot unlocked and the handle pulls a baby’s pram with it to the funfair. Once Bean notices the “kidnapped” baby, he initially attempts to leave him in a crowd of chatting people with babies, but they obliviously leave the baby behind when they go, and Bean reluctantly goes back for him. Bean, however, sees a policeman outside the amusement park entrance and races to find him, but loses him amongst a crowd of teenagers buying fake police helmets from a souvenir store. Bean eventually realises that he has no choice but to look after the baby while enjoying himself. Bean unchains a guard dog and uses the chain to tie the baby’s pram while taking the baby with him on various rides. First, he goes to the dodgems, but in his hurry to pay the man in charge, he puts the baby’s feet on the pedal and has difficulty getting back to the dodgem

. Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean

Bean invites his two best friends Rupert and Hubert for a New Year’s party, but he apparently does not have a good party lined up. When he goes to prepare a snack he discovers that he has run out of Twiglets, so he takes twigs off a nearby branch outside his window and coats them in Marmite to disguise them; he also substitutes sugared vinegar for Champagne, and makes party hats from newspaper. Feeling bored, at 10:20 while Bean is out of the room, Rupert and Hubert turn the clock in the living room to just before midnight.

When the clock chimes, they sing “Auld Lang Syne” to celebrate the new year and then leave (though Hubert leaves his hat behind – see Act 3), saying that they are tired. However, they merely go into the apartment across the hall, where a swinging New Year’s party is taking place. Bean is in bed when the real New Year begins. Thinking that his clock had passed midnight, he checks his other one (actually showing midnight). His blood boils with anger when he finds out Rupert and Hubert have deceived him and attended the larger party next door. Bean

Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean

On Christmas Eve, Bean visits Harrods during a very busy Christmas shopping spree, causing his usual brand of chaos by behaving rather inappropriately while inside such a prestigious department store. After parking directly at the front of the store and harassing a man dressed as Father Christmas by pulling his fake beard, Bean proceeds to shop for Christmas decorations, subjecting them to his usual scrutiny—if it breaks, do not buy it. He also tests some Christmas lights using the same socket used for the exterior Christmas lights, blacking out the exterior of the store in the process.

He then starts playing with an in-store display, performing a rather inaccurate Nativity scene involving a T. rex, two army tanks, a Dalek, a helicopter, a delivery truck and also the bedroom of a dollhouse where he transports the figures to. The store manager stops him by putting a figurine of a policeman onto the set and gives him his bag of Christmas shopping and Bean leaves while the store manager looks on.

Upon seeing another man dressed as Father Christmas he pulls the beard again like earlier, only for the beard to be real, causing Bean to make

Mr. Bean in Room 426

For a bank holiday weekend, Mr. Bean decides to stay at the Queens Hotel, but parks his Mini by the entrance and fights with the bellboy over his suitcase, believing him to be a thief, although he later trusts the bellboy with his steering wheel to move his Mini to a parking space. As Bean checks in, a quiet man checks in as well and Bean becomes determined to beat the man to his hotel room (425), but the man gets to the lift before him. In retaliation, Bean runs up the staircase and stops the lift on every floor, he almost succeeds, but due to a rather faulty lock, the man ultimately enters his room before Bean enters his.

Once inside his room, Bean immediately starts investigating and personalising his new surroundings, such as flicking the light switch on and off rapidly, jumping on the bed, changing the lamp shade for his own, placing his own curtains on the window, placing Teddy in his makeshift “bed” in the drawer and accidentally decapitating him in the process, using a drill to put holes in the walls to hang his own picture frames (the noise can be heard

The Trouble with Mr. Bean

It is eight o’clock in the morning. Bean has set several alarms to wake him up, but it is clear that he has no intention of getting out of bed just yet: his grandfather clock chimes the hour to wake him up, but he takes no notice; his battery-powered alarm clock sounds, but he places it in a glass of water to silence it; a hose connected to his coffeemaker sprays hot water on his right foot, but he uses his toe to block the hose. Eventually, fifty minutes later, Bean does get up, makes his bed in his sleep, and after some difficulty shaving when his electric razor catches his nasal hairs, Bean realises that he is late for his dental appointment at nine o’clock.

To save time, he decides to get dressed and brush his teeth while driving to the dentist, using a brick to hold down the accelerator. In the process, Bean accidentally knocks down a dustbin. In order to put his trousers on, he moves onto the back seat and operates the steering wheel with his feet. After brushing his teeth, he shoots screenwash into his mouth to rinse it. When he spits

The Curse of Mr. Bean

Bean goes to a public swimming pool, where he uses a manual arm to get his ticket at the car park. Once in the pool, Bean wants to go down the kiddie slide, but after the lifeguard (Angus Deayton) refuses to let him, Bean tries out the super-high diving board instead. Frightened by the height, Bean makes a few cowardly attempts to jump, but chickens out, and finds himself attempting to climb off the edge. Two impatient boys eventually push him off by stomping on his hand. Bean loses his swimming trunks in the process, and is unable to retrieve them as a small girl fishes them out of the pool with a snorkel. A naked Bean tries to get back to the changing room unseen just as everyone is told to leave the pool and almost succeeds, but the lifeguard appears near the change room. Bean hides behind a corner, but as he is doing this, a group of female swimmers appear behind him. They scream at the sight of his nude body and Bean runs off.Bean refuses to pay the ridiculously high parking price of £16.00 at the swimming pool car park, and tries to leave

The Return of Mr. Bean

Bean sees a busker playing a tenor saxophone and wants to drop some change in his saxophone case, thinking that giving him change will allow him access to the nearby tunnel. When he finds that he has no change (and avoids using a paper bill), he places a handkerchief on the ground and dances in a rather silly way to the music. Eventually, an elderly woman stops by and leaves him a coin, which he then transfers into the busker’s saxophone case and proceeds to walk through the tunnel.Bean tries out his new American Express charge card at Allders department store. After appearing to suffocate whilst going through the perfume department, he does his shopping by first testing everything he wants to buy—he gets a toothbrush out of its packet and uses it (then puts it back on the shelf in the opened packet and takes another one), tries on a bath towel, peels a potato with a peeler he wants to buy, and pulls a large fish out of his pocket to see if it fits on a frying pan. He also chooses the telephone from the receptionist’s desk as the one he wants and takes it

Mr. Bean (Mr. Bean episode)

Mr. Bean is driving to his mathematics exam and he accidentally drives pass a Reliant three wheeler, nearly tipping it over (which would become a running gag throughout the series). Once he has taken his seat in the exam room, he begins to irritate a fellow candidate (Paul Bown) by getting out an alarm clock, many spare pens and a number of mascots, including a Pink Panther doll (which has its tail sticking out between its legs, giving the appearance of an erection). Bean has studied trigonometry, but when the exam begins and he pulls out a calculus paper from the envelope he assumes he has studied the wrong subject. He spends the duration of his two hours trying to cheat before finally breaking down (to the point of crying out “Oh, mummy!”) and falling asleep. Towards the end of the exam, the invigilator (Rudolph Walker) gives instructions on what to do with the exam papers. From this, Bean realises that there were two papers in the envelope: a green calculus paper, and a white trigonometry paper, with the student given a choice as to which to do (though the invigilator logically should have stated this from the

Mr. Bean Rides Again

Mr. Bean wants to go to the post office, but finds (after using four keys in sequence, each to unlock where the next is stored) that his car battery is dead, so he decides to catch a bus instead. He reaches the bus stop, where there is a man already waiting. The man then has a heart attack. Bean tries to revive him by stomping on him, stuffing pills down his throat, trying mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (with the man’s magazine) and using electric shock treatment, using jump leads connected to a nearby lamppost. This initially works, but he forgets to remove the jump leads from his hands when the man offers a handshake, giving the man another electric shock, making him pass out again. An ambulance arrives, but while the paramedics treat the man, Bean uses the ambulance battery to jumpstart his Mini. Bean drives off, leaving the ambulance disabled, due to a dead battery, forcing the paramedics to call for another ambulance.Bean heads to a postbox, but on the way he accidentally swallows his postage stamp. He offers to post a letter for a lady, pretends that he has posted it, but hangs on to it until she

Secured with Turner International for New Mr Bean Animated Series!

13th March 2014


Endemol has closed a global deal with Turner Broadcasting System International for the all-new second season of Mr Bean Animated Series

This is a multi-territory deal covering Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and several key European markets

The series will be produced in-house by Tiger Aspect Productions (an Endemol Company)

Endemol, the world’s largest independent production and distribution company, today announced that Turner Broadcasting System International has acquired the all-new second series of MR BEAN ANIMATED SERIES for their services throughout Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and several European markets including the United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain and Italy.

This deal comes off the back of the announcement that the series has been pre-sold to CITV in the UK and Super RTL in Germany.

Mark Eyers, Chief Content Officer, Kids Networks, Turner International Asia Pacific, said: “This extraordinary universal comedy truly delivers on a premium and compelling content experience for both our audiences and affiliates. We’re proud to welcome Mr Bean into the Turner fold and to partner with Endemol, Tiger

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New Animated Series, UK Launch Announced!

In 52 brand new episodes, Mr Bean creates his own electricity, wins a cruise, inadvertently becomes a teacher, makes his own horror movie, is hypnotised, wins a wrestling match and finds himself in many other hilarious escapades. This series follows Mr Bean, his best friend Teddy and his long-suffering landlady Mrs Wicket as we witness more of the mishaps that surround his sometimes chaotic daily life.

Mr Bean the Animated Series is on CITV during a special “Bean Week” from 16th – 20th February. In a Bean marathon with a new double episode airing at 9.25 in the morning and 4:15 in the afternoon, the rest of the day will be filled with Bean fun and 10 more episodes! It will be a veritable BEAN FEAST.

This has been a mega project and a huge achievement for the team involved. It’s an exciting year for Mr Bean with it being the 25th Anniversary, and the team can’t wait to build the brand bigger and stronger than it already is.

. Mr. Beans invade Windmill Primary, Oxford for UK Red Nose Day 2015!

On Friday 13th February, pupils and teachers at Windmill Primary School in Oxford transformed themselves into mini versions of Mr. Bean to encourage people across the South of the UK to make their face funny for money this Red Nose Day.

An extraordinary amount of pupils dressed as mini Mr. Beans for the day, going to lessons and assembly in costume to show how easy it is to take part in this year’s fundraising campaign. Teachers also joined in the fun, with Year 1 teacher Miss Hanchett wearing a turkey prop on her head as a tribute to Mr. Bean’s famous Christmas episode.
Pablo Sved, age 6, who dressed as mini Mr. Bean complete with tie and teddy bear said: “Mr Spooner showed us clips of Mr. Bean in assembly and it was really funny. I borrowed my Dad’s jacket and tie to dress up today!”

Deputy Headteacher Andy Spooner said, “We chose to be Mr. Bean because Rowan Atkinson studied in Oxford. We thought it would be amusing to be one of his characters for the day! We love doing new and fun things, and this was perfect for us to all do together.”


  1. The 14 half hour live action programmes have sold to over 190 countries worldwide
  2. The original television series has been in continual distribution worldwide for 25 years.
  3. Both the Live and Animated Mr Bean TV series are currently in distribution in over 80 territories worldwide.
  4. Worldwide video sales have exceeded 35 million units.
  5. Video/DVDs of Mr Bean have been in continual distribution worldwide for 24 years.
  6. Mr Bean DVDs are currently available in over 40 territories around the world
  7. Mr Bean – The Ultimate Disaster Movie was released in 1997
  8. The first Bean movie is one of the highest grossing UK films taking $255million worldwide.
  9. Mr Bean’s Holiday was released ten years later in 2007, in 65 countries worldwide taking $240 million worldwide.
  10. Mr Bean’s Holiday once again broke many box office records internationally, reaching $100m after 20 days and achieving 39 No. 1 openings
  11. In 2002 the character was transformed into an Animated series of 26 half hour episodes.
  12. The Animated Series has been in continual distribution for 12 years.
  13. 12 years later in 2014 a second Animated series is produced.
  14. Mr Bean has

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Bean Competition, Design Mr Bean’s Birthday Cake!

WIN to have your cake made by the famoulsy creative chocolatiers, Choccywoccydoodah and displayed in their central London store!*

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Terms and Conditions for Mr Bean 25th Birthday Cake Design Competition


This competition is open to UK residents only except the employees of Tiger Aspect Productions Limited (“Promoter”), ChoccyWoccyDooDah and their affiliated companies, their families or agencies or anyone professionally connected with the competition. The Promoter reserves the right to verify the eligibility of entrants in its sole and absolute discretion.

Entry is open to all people over the age of 13. Parental consent and assistance is required for any person wishing to enter who is aged 14 or 15. The Promoter reserves the right (at its sole discretion) to require any entrant to provide contact details of their parent/guardian in order to verify the age of that entrant and confirm parental/guardian consent has been obtained where necessary. In the event